Selling your Home

When selling your home, it is always best if you can choose the time to sell it but often that is not the case for those that only own one house. However, if you are fortunate to own two homes, you can perhaps decide when would be the most appropriate time to sell and then only sell it then.

Property values fluctuate with the state of the country’s economy which creates times when property prices are high and other times when property prices are relatively low. This means that if you are looking to buy a house, you would prefer to buy it when property prices are low but, if you are selling a house, you will want to wait until the property prices rise again.

Also the location of the property can play a role in its value and that must be carefully looked at. The prices of properties can vary from area to area, often depending on the availability of jobs in that area.

If for instance your house is located in a town which has a large factory that provides employment for the town’s residents, your house will probably be well sought after however, if the factory is thinking of moving, you may want to hurry sell your house as, once there is no employment in the town, houses in it will become less sought after and therefore their values will drop, sometimes very significantly.

Apart from the timing of a house sale being important, there are also several other things that can affect the value of a house and many of those may be within your control. In most cases it is the land on which a property sits whose value fluctuates with the popularity of a location but the actual value of the house itself is dependent on the general size and condition of the house itself.

Obviously a house which is in a state of disrepair will have a lower price than one that isn’t. Likewise a house which has had extensions put on it could have a higher value than one that has no extensions. So the factors that determine the value of the house itself are, size, condition and curb appeal.

Usually the larger the house, the higher price can be asked but curb appeal is something that is playing an increasingly bigger role in determining house prices. Curb appeal is the name that has been given to how appealing a house looks from the street.

This then is something that you may have control over as you can make it more appealing by giving it a fresh coat of paint and adding some nice touches to the grounds in front of the house.

Although having any couple of trees visible from the road can give it more appeal, the appeal is even greater if those are broad leafed trees. A few well positioned flowers can also give a house more appeal as will a well-manicured lawn which is neatly trimmed.

The Concerns of a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is not just the person that shows you around properties you are considering buying, they are also someone that plays an important role in any real estate sales or purchases.

A real estate agent is often the person that evaluates your house, giving advice as to what is a reasonable asking price for the house, taking into consideration the economy and any local factors. Although the economic climate of a country plays a role in real estate values, the greater fluctuations in prices usually come from the area in which a property is located.

However it is these actions that can also actually seek advice from other professionals to aid in selling a home; especially online. They occasionally seek SEO advice for estate agents, particularly if the property is struggling to gain enough interest.

There are places where property values are extremely high, such as in central London but there are also places where a similar sized property to one in London, will sell for a lot cheaper, perhaps in the countryside. Due to the employment opportunities in an area, each area can fluctuate in price also and it are these factors which a real estate agent will be aware of.

They will know how much a similar property in the same area was able to sell for and how long it took to sell it at that price. Having made you aware of these details, it will of course be up to you to set the asking price on your house but usually the more you ask, the longer it may take to sell it.

It is also up to the estate agent to ensure that any sale or purchase, is made in accordance with any and all local and national regulations, thereby ensuring any sale is legitimate and will produce no problems in the future.

They will ensure that both the buyer and seller will sign all relevant paperwork in the correct places and see that those signed documents are files in the correct places or with the correct authorities. It will be the estate agent that mediates any talks between potential buyers and a seller when they have difficulties agreeing on a price and often will help the two come to a mutually satisfactory agreement, allowing the sale to be completed.

An estate agent does not just deal with the selling and buying of properties though, they can also be hired as property managers. These are usually instances where a property investor may have bought one or more properties with the express purpose of renting them out those properties.

The investor may not live locally or may just not want to have dealings with the day to day running of the properties and so hire estate agents to act on their behalf. Obviously the estate agents will have to be paid but they earn their money by the collection of any rents and the overseeing of any maintenance that the property may need.

The concerns of a real estate agent can therefore be very diverse and also interesting considering the different types of real estate that become available on the market and most certainly they earn their income.

Secrets to Selling a House

We all want to get as much as we can for our house when we sell it but often a lot of us are disappointed. Here are some tips that may help you get what you want when selling.

First your house will have been evaluated and you will have been told what your best asking price should be. What price you actually ask is up to you though and whilst most people may opt to ask for 5% to 10% above the recommended asking price, in the hope that offers will come in below what you are asking but in line with the actual real asking price.

Although this can work, a brave few have gotten better results and received more than the actual evaluated asking price by reducing the asking price by 10% to 15%. How they achieve this is because the asking price is so low, they immediately get plenty of offers.

It is then the potential buyers that have to compete amongst themselves to find a final best offer. In many cases, when the wrangling is over, the price paid is above the recommended asking price.

This is perhaps too much of a gamble for many people but it would seem that in this case, who dares, wins. Some people make the mistake of doing huge home improvements before selling.

Although these home improvements will place a higher value on your house, all too often the extra value of the house will not be equal to the amount you spent and so keep any upgrades simple and more importantly, cheap.

Do not remodel a room but by all means replace door handles on doors and lockers, buy new curtains and put fresh paint on the walls. Other tips are for later, when the price has already been set and potential buyers are coming to view the house.

One of the main concerns that many buyers have is the amount of storage in cupboards and lockers. Prior to any viewers arriving, you should therefore ensure that all your cupboards and lockers are only half full, giving the impression that there was more than adequate storage for all your needs.

When doing this though, be sure the cupboards are well cleaned so as not to ruin the illusion. Although many people do like pets, there are at least equally as many that don’t and so to be on the safe side, if you have a pet, send it on a holiday to a neighbor or relative for the duration of any visits.

Not forgetting of course to hide any traces of a pet like dog bowls or cat litters. People like to know that their house will have adequate light and so clean the windows, change the drapes if necessary and even increase the wattage in bulbs around the house.

Prune any branches of trees that may be blocking light and hope for a sunny day. Lastly, an estate agent plays a big role in a successful sale and so shop around and find one that is willing to help you in your endeavors.

Getting the Best Price for your House

Unfortunately, the price an evaluator will place on your home, is rarely as high as you would have wished and certainly will not have anything included for any sentimental value you may place on it.

The evaluator’s price is unfortunately though, the one that people are likely to pay and so you must, at least to some extent, go by their findings.

Having been told the evaluator’s price, many sellers will place an asking price 5% to 10% higher hoping that when the offers come in, one will at least match the actual evaluated price.

It is rare for any potential buyer to offer the full asking price straight away and so you may have to go into negotiations with those that offer the nearest to it. It is usual for the estate agent to mediate these negotiations and hopefully help you and one of the buyers to come to some agreement on a price.

If you are in no rush to sell, you may want to hold back in the hope that a better offer will come in but, it is always possible that only lower ones will be made and so even though you may not be in any rush, getting a guaranteed sale may be your better option.

How much a potential buyer is willing to spend on buying your house, can very much depend on how much they are impressed with the viewing of the house and so you must make the house as presentable as possible before they arrive. This could require a small cost to yourself as you may need to refresh the paint in some of the rooms or even the outside of the house.

The house will of course have to be clean and so this may be one occasion where the hiring of a professional cleaner may pay dividends. The grounds which the house sits in are also important and so all lawns should be mowed and the edges trimmed.

Flowers could be planted or, if you prefer, place some plant pots around; you can always take them with you when you leave. Once again this is one occasion when hiring a profession landscaper or gardener may be cost effective.

Curb appeal is something that can affect a person’s decision on as to whether or not to buy and so go to the road and look for any obstructions, like branches, that may obscure the best views of the house and perhaps place any unsightly objects like garbage cans, to the rear of the house.

Not all buyers are pet lovers and any sight of a pet may put them off, so send your pet to a friend for the day and make any signs that you own one, disappear. If your house is energy efficient, make sure that the buyer is fully aware of this, if the estate agent hasn’t already done so, as it is often a very strong selling point and could just seal the deal.

The Value of a Home

The price of property is changing all the time and so when you come to sell your house it will probably be an estate agent that helps you to evaluate what it is worth.

Although it may be worth more to you with sentimental value, the evaluation they give you will be the price you can reasonably expect to get for it on the open market. You could of course choose to place a higher price on it than the agent recommends but then, it may be some time before you will be able to sell it for the price you ask.

When the agent evaluates your home, they will take a lot of things into consideration but probably first and foremost will be the price similar houses in the area have recently been sold for. The price of properties throughout the country fluctuates depending on how the country’s economy is doing.

Plus property values can differ from region to region for instance property values in the center of London will be far higher than they may be in a small country town. Other things that the estate agent will take into consideration is how energy efficient the house is.

Energy costs throughout the year can be very high and so if a house is very energy efficient, it may allow the agent to place a higher price on the property but even if they don’t, it is a good selling point which may enable the house to be sold more quickly. Although houses in the same area may have similar prices, the exact location of a house may afford it a higher value.

Some things that may help in this regard is the house being close to schools, shopping centers or other facilities. Being close to public transport stops can also be a good selling point, as can the house being in what is generally considered a safe area, one that isn’t plagued with gang violence or excessive burglaries.

If the property is on a larger piece of land, the agent will probably take into consideration the condition of that land; is it gardened, paved or has it been left to look more like a garbage dump.

Finally the agent will have to take into consideration the condition of the actual building. Obviously if the building is in need of repairs, the price could be lower but if you have just had it refurbished, the price could go up.

Some real estate agents are qualified to carry out these evaluations themselves but if they are not, they know someone that is and can be relied on to be fair. The real estate agent will arrange for photos to be taken of the house, perhaps highlighting its better points.

The agent will also have arrange for the a few key measurements of the house to be carried out for submission into the residential real estate listings. As good housing is always in short supply, if the evaluation has been done correctly, your house should soon sell.